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This series of shots were taken in Alameda, San Francisco, and New York City. They're a collection of pictures which I particularly liked.

Pictures taken with a Nikon D50 w/ a 18-55mm, and 70-300mm lens.

The District Harbot Tug Dekaury (YTM-178) docked at Alameda, CA. That's the Bay Bridge in the background.

USS Hornet (CV-12) Museum in Alameda, CA.

An A-7 Corsair II guards the entrance to the formal Naval Air Station Alameda. Now, home to many a mythbuster episodes (love that show).

A Swan looking for treats at the Palace of Fine Arts pond.

Classic shot of the Palace of Fine Arts - backdrop to many a wedding portrait.

Golden Gate bridge seen from Baker beach. Baker beach is known for the nekkid men strolling about in the freezing cold...:-0

Closeup of a Great Blue Heron with the GG bridge in the background. I got pretty darn close to him (without having my eyes pecked out)!

I actually get vertigo when I stand close to the towers and look up.

Driving in NYC is not for the faint of heart. Actually, it's not the driving that's bad - but the parking; which is impossibe (and impossibly expensive)!

A cold rainy (and a bit snowy) night in Manhatten.

So, this is what downtown looks like!

Cold wet night at Times Square. Did I mention cold?

A bit of action to set the mood.

NYPD had a strong presense around Time Square and other historical landmarks. Can be a bit testy about pics though...

This is of course, the NY Hard Rock Cafe. See the broken guitar on the wall?

NY city workers getting busy in the rain and cold.

My first time to the site of the World Trade Center.

There was a collage of images on one wall of the kiosk at the path station. Looking at the images, I was very much overcome with emotion - standing at ground zero and imagining what happened that day.

Most of the site was screened off. Only get a small peak here and there. Nowadays, looks just like a huge construction site.

The NY subway system is an excellent way to get around. Cheap too! (compared to SF's BART). By the way, native New Yorkers get furious when tourist stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures... :-)

A makeshift tribute to the heroic NYFD personnel. Patches from firefighters and paramedics from all over the world.

Ate a very yummy lamb Gyro here. It was a bit like the 'no soup for you!' Sienfield guy though!

NYSE at wallstreet.

Ever watch the movie National Treasure? This is the Trinity church.

Close with a gratuitous airplane pic. This one on final approach at Oakland International airport - though it really could be anywhere.

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