Wintering in Maui

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Thought I'd share some shots I got while taking a break from winter in Maui. The weather was atypically cloudy and rainy for much of the time, but we did catch a break and caught some rays for at least some of the time!

This trip wasn't for photos, but mostly for snorkeling! Sadly I have no high end underwater photo gear - just a semi-disposable 35mm film camera. It's alright, I'll leave the underwater stuff to the scuba divers with the nice equipment!

Still, I thought the luau firedancer shots were pretty neat; and included far too many of them here. I know, I should edit it down more. Thanks for indulging me!

Of course, I'd start off with an airplane shot...This one was taking off from the Maui airport. Found a spot at the end of the runway. Pretty good access, but the planes were few and far between.

Since we not there for an airshow, I only stayed a little bit! Aloha!

I love to snorkel, and got my fair share while there.

One of the snorkel guides from the Pacific Whale Foundation, making sure no one becomes fish food. Snorkeling from a boat is definitely more comforting than from the beach - for a variety of reasons.

Of course, if you're scuba certified, there are lots of great dive spots around Maui.

Had originally scheduled two snorkeling trips to Molokini, but the seas were too rough one of those days, and we had go to an alternate destination. But truthfully, all the snorkel locations look about the same underwater!

Ended up spending a lot of time in Lahaina. Some nice resturants there.

Lahaina was a stop over point for the cruiseship as well.

what Hawaii vacation would be complete without a Luau?

This one was at the Marriott in Wailea. Pretty good food!

This was the Emcee of the show, though my attention was usually elsewhere...

What was I saying?

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly the firedancer!

Of course I didn't write his name down, but he's a 3 time firedance champion. Is Firedance the right term? Something like that anyway...

For his safety, and that of the flash photography please!

Amazingly, I did not see one single flash go off during his entire performance. Unbelievable!

He had quite the big flaming fire stick(s)!

These were some of the more interesting shots I came up with.

Very impressive display!

Light art!

May I can get the kids to try it...NOT!

As usual, still pictures only capture a small part of it. The drums beats, the visuals, all very stunning and exciting to watch!

Anything after firedancing is sure to be a letdown. But a day at the beach is always nice!

Looks like a blast. I only gave it a half hearted attempt...needless to say, it didn't go well! :-)

Probably a sport best left to younger ones.

Water was a bit cooler than in summer time, but still quite bearable.

When the sun's out, a day at the beach can't be beat!

The beach shoots were taken at the 'Big Beach' of Maui. Makes you wish for summer huh?

The town of Kihei is known for its sunny weather - being in the shadow of the volcano and all.

Alas, not when we were there! It rained quite a bit... Too bad!

With it raining, we drove around till we found a dry spot. The sailboat wreck in the background should be a dead giveaway to those who've seen it before.

Of course, we're back in the town of Lahaina. Harbor area to be specific. I can spell Lahaina correctly because I'm getting off the boat...

We're enjoying every sunset we get!

Mahalo, and Aloha!

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