BZ's Birds in Flight 2

Photo Gallery

Here are some recent bird shots I took from Fremont's Lake Elizabeth, and Palo Alto Bayland Preserve. They consists of Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Canada geese, Black-crowned Night Heron, and Mallards. Though there are many other birds out there, the above group make up the the vast majority of my subjects. That's because they are the most common around here, and easiest to get decent in-flight shots of.

As I may have mentioned before, I'm no birder. But, I love to watch them fly and love to 'try' and get pictures of them. I'm having some success with my DSLR on the birdies, but auto-focus oftentimes go off the deep end, and I also find myslelf wishing for faster Frames Per Second (FPS)! Nothing that a higher end camera won't solve... If you purchase a print, you'll be sure the funds would be going towards a good cause (a new camera body!) :-)

I used a Nikon D50 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens. Mostly shot in manual exposure mode. Hope you like them!
- Bernard Zee

A flare for ducks.

Twigs for homes

Stall speed

Eligible bachelors

Ruffled feathers

Buzz the tower

Flaps down

On final approach

Great builder

Golden pose

Fits him to a Tee

Not quite 'Night' yet!

Standard bearer

Superior grace

Just Great!

I caught one this big!


The joy of flying

Sunlit wings

Morning flight

Pointing the way home

Heron in review

The 3 Amigos

Letting it all hang out!

Honk Honk

Lone ranger

Out of the pale blue sky

Honey I'm home!

Beauty in motion

Have a safe trip!