BZ's Action Birds

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These are some of my favorite action bird shots I've taken through the years. Can't claim to be a birder, as I can't tell a plover from a duck! What I enjoy doing however, is trying to catch them in flight with a camera. This is a lot harder than it looks... Most birds will fly away from you as you approach - which does not make for a good photograph. Also, you can't get them to fly on command, nor in many cases - even find them at all!

There are many technical challenges to getting good Bird-in-flight shots. I could bore you with the details, but it would be more fun if you tried it out with your camera and let me know how it went!

These bird shots look great as enlargements (hint, hint!). I have a few 12x16s of them scattered about my house. Hope you like 'em!
- Bernard Zee

Effortless Glide

A Rocky Flair

Canadian Flyby

Sunlit Gull

Snowy Light

Morning Flight

Lookout below!

Fremont Goose

I'm coming!


He's this high

Spacing out

Geese in motion

Great wings

Coming back

Watch the beak!

Snowy Flight

Dark Wing

Symmetric wings

Miss Elegant

Beautiful wings

Everyone calm down

Smooth flight

Canadian hills

Time to go home

Flight of 3