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On July 17th, 2009, a Change of Command ceremony was held for the USCGC Tern at San Francisco, CA - where LTJG Daniel Holland took over the duties of commanding the Tern from LT Michael Nordhausen. I was priviledged to be invited to witness the occasion, and to photograph the event. Congratulations to both LTJG Holland, and LT Nordhausen, and best of luck with their new assignments!

Nikon D300 w/ 18-105mm VR lens, SB-600 flash, Nikon D200 w/ 70-300mm VR lens. - Bernard Zee

The Tern all dressed up for the event.

Color Guard rehersal.

LT Nordhausen greets guests before the start of the ceremony.

I believe Petty Officer Jessica Wolchak is one of the newer members of the Tern crew, having just transfered from NY. She was recently recognized with a USO Military Leadership Award for her efforts during the rescue of US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing in the Hudson. I found this out afterwards by happenstance. Otherwise, I would have chatted it up with her!

Chaplain Captain Mark Smith going over details of his speech with Tern Executive Petty Officer Timothy Carlson.

The Tern crew relaxes nearby.

Cadet Laura Gadziala greets the Chaplain. Cadet Gadziala helped organize the ceremony.


You could tell from the grim expressions that it's getting close to show time.

XPO Carlson announcing the start of the ceremony.

The Tern crew at attention. Pictured on the front row are BM2 Morgan Benggio, BM1 Jessica Wolchak, and MKC Mark Childers. Visible on the back row is FA Anthony Castiglioini.

Arrival of the official party. Starts off with LTJG Holland.

Followed by LT Nordhausen (then Capt Gugg).

Presentation of Colors.

Playing of the National Anthem.

Captain Paul Gugg alongside LT Nordhausen.

Invocation by Captain Smith.

Inspection of the Crew. LTJG Holland greets MK3 Michael Murray.

The Coast Guard public relations photographer. I believe that's Petty Officer Pamela Manns. Hey, similiar gear!

Sector Commander's Remarks. Captain Paul Gugg.

The crowd enjoys a light hearted moment in Captain Gugg's speech.

Presenting LT Nordhausen with a commendation for his accomplishments with the Tern.

Friends and family enjoy the moment.

Acceptance of a New Cutterman.

Getting pinned by Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate Nicholas Pupo.

LT Nordhausen was designated a permanent Cutterman since he had served 5 consecutive years aboard Coast Guard Cutters.

Commanding Officer's Remarks.

LT Nordhausen thanks Shipmates, friends, and family for the support he has received through the years.

Reading of Orders.

A MH-65 Dophin makes a fly-by pass shortly after the Captains shake hands.

It flew by really fast! Would have liked to get a shot with the helo & Tern in the same frame, but it didn't line up. Still, it's pretty cool with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Wish I could do it over again - but only one pass per ceremony!

Prospective Commanding Officer's Remarks. LTJG Daniel Holland.

Benediction by Capt Smith.

Retirement the Colors.

Departure of Official Party. (Good thing I got a copy of the program, so I can get some of the terms right!).

On to the reception!

Congratulations are in order!


Don't they look great here?

The new skipper of the Tern.

LT Holland at the reception area.

Back to normal. Best of luck to both LTJG Holland, and LT Nordhausen with their new roles and responsibilities!!

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