Oakland Parade

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Everyone loves a good parade, and I'm no exception! This are some pictures from the Dec 6, 2009 America's Children's Holiday Parade in Oakland, CA. Quite a few different bands showed up, including UC Davis. Popular PBS children characters, as well as color floats and balloons were there to delight and entertain the kids.
Nikon D300 w/ 18-105mm VR, D200 w/70-300mm VR. - Bernard Zee

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Got a friendly wave from a Christmas Tree dancer. Hi!

The parade will be lead by a bunch of Harleys, including this Oakland PD bike.

By around 1pm, the parade route on Broadway was closed to traffic. The staging area here was closed well before that!

It's officially called the Children's Holiday Parade. But it definitely has a Christmas flavor to it!

Some young clowns pose by the Southwest Airline Float.

Another view of the motorcycles lined up on Broadway.

Filling up the gigantic parade balloons with helium. Made a really cool beastly growl when they were pumping them up!

It is the ever scary Dipsy! Dipsy is a telletubie - in case you didn't know that!

The 'Beauty and the Beast' float dancers gather together before the parade.

East Bay Regional park officers posing with their high tech mountain bikes.

UC Davis Band practicing before the parade. Cute looking tuba player!

They did a lot of fun moves. Music was pretty good too!

Some grooving sax players



Hayward High School Band and cheerleaders.

Their drum major in a santa hat.

They even had a flag section.

Those bundled up in jackets had an easier time than the ones without!

Band members of the Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) practicing. Falun Dafa is a semi-religious organization based on quigong, Buddist, and Daoist concepts.

Napa High school band.

Encinal High School Jets are from nearby Alameda.

Love their hats!

They too have a flag section.

Fairfield High School Scarlet Brigade band.

Flags from the Jesse Bethel High School Jaguar Marching band. They're from Vallejo, Ca.

Piedmont Highlanders bagpipes.

Members of the Skyline High School Band from Oakland, Ca.

Pittsburg High School Marching band flags.

The Pittsburg HS band had on the traditional marching band top hats.

Mission San Jose High School band was one of three Fremont bands that participated in the parade.

Mission HS flag section wearing jester style outfits.

Even though Mission San Jose has one of the smallest campuses, they have one of the largest bands in Fremont.

A smiling jester.

American High School was the 2nd band from Fremont at the parade.

They too had on Santa hats.

American HS drum major giving some instructions to the band.

Some more shots of the American HS band.

Some Oak Grove band members smiling for the camera.

Oak Grove Marching Eagles are from San Jose, CA.

Rodrigeuz HS drummers tapping out a beat while seated on the street.

Rodreiguez HS is also from Fairfield.

Waiting to catch a tossed drill rifle.

The Oak Grove band plays a tune while in formation.

Waiting around for the start of the parade.

American HS banner all set to go!

Hurry up!

Pittsburg HS colors warming up.

Honestly, I had to look it up. Who knew this would spell 'Rodrigeuz'?

Both Fairfield bands there were quite large, with color guards and flag units.

I love thier holiday spirit!

Now, where did that baton go?

The jesters look on in amusement. (I know, that's probably not what they want to be called!).

Hey look! It's the Washington High School Band!

Washington HS is the 3rd Fremont band at the parade. Though the appearance in the parade was not in that order.

This parade is the last one of the season. No more marching band afterwards!

Getting lined up for the start of the parade.

Which has already started! I get a smile from one of the clowns.

These are the Girl Scouts of the SF bay area.

The younger ones are in the brownies.

Oakland Military Institude color guard.

Not only did they have a band there, but it looks as if the entire student body was marching as well! (that's just a guess).

The Skyline Titans are from Oakland, CA.

I believe these High School students are part of the Army ROTC program. At least that's what their patches say!

Here they are tossing candy cane stripped sticks in the air.

Maybe characters from Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'?

City of Oakland Cheer Squad.

Stilt walkers from the Clown Brigade. No really, that's what the banner said!

Some of these clowns were really quite good with their physical humor.

At the very least, they are colorful!

A young lady clown.

The very cool UC Davis Marching Band!

Davis was the only University band at the parade.

Surprising they made it, considering they come from much further away than Cal.

Here they are doing a little twirling with their instruments. Must be painful when they drop it!

Their Tuba section.

Big floating presents!

Volunteers helped to guide the balloons with ropes.

No balloon boy episode witnessed that day.

I believe these are actual Marines. Those sure look like real M-14s to me!

Shot of a volunteer banner person.

They had Santa's elves helping out holding signs of the parade guests.

My kids are too old for the children shows on PBS, so I'm not very familiar with some of the newer personalities like Miss Rosa.

They had a train in the parade as well!

I presume it's from Fairyland (where ever that is!).

Wave Hi!

They look like police - but the badge says volunteer trail safety patrol.

It's funny that they have the 'North Pole Mail' float at the parade, considering that the Post Office instituted a policy of no longer no longer fowarding mail addressed to Santa to North Pole, Alaska for volunteers there to respond. North Pole residents thought it was an outrage!

Encinal High School band march into the TV area.

It was mostly shooting into the sun for the parade, but sometimes the backlight really helped make the picture more interesting.

Here are the flags marching by.

AC Transit brought along their smallest 1/4 scale bus!

These characters need to introduction. It's Bugs and Daffy! Loved the classic cartoons.

Sylvester and Tweety. I thad I thaw a puddy tad... I did, I did!

More Bugs and Daffy.

These aren't Looney Tune characters! It's Shouka the Killer Whale, and a Dolphin buddy from what used to be called Marine World. I think it's called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom now.

Baton twirler from Napa HS.

Here's the Napa Band.

Trombone players.

Sax and drums.

I don't know. Some kind of female crocodile Dundee type, and a croc with great teeth (cause he brushes!).

Dipsy! Part of the Tinky winky, Dipsy, Lala, Poh Telletubbie gang. Don't ask me why I know this!

Washington High School band.

Sax players.

Garbage collection drill team!

Not exactly a float, it's a antique garbage truck. I presume nicely cleaned up and restored!

Yeah, the Christmas trees are walking about now...but in a month, they'll be riding in the trash bins!

More banner people volunteers.

An elf/reindeer from Vallejo Middle school.

They're called the Thunderbird band.

Handlers for a floating ornament balloon.

Miquel and Maya, from a animated PBS series.

Mission San Jose baton twirler getting ready to start her routine.

It's only a guess, but I think they will spell out 'warriors'.

Lots of trombones at MSJHS.

I don't even know what that is, and they have 2 of them!

Some nice and shiny instruments!

Percussion section.

Lots of people to handle that rogue reindeer Rudalph - what with his nose so bright and all.

Comcast sponsored a Beauty and the Beast float.

One of the smiling dancers.

Oh my goodness! Star Wars geeks rejoice!! It's the 501st Legion, otherwise known as Vader's Fist!

Tie fighter pilot. Yeah, I didn't even have to look it up!

Bobba Fett gets in the holiday spirit!

"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are this precise..." Hey, watch the trigger buddy!

Clone trooper, with a Scout Trooper behind him.

Vader, in a wheeled version of the AT-ST.

Is he waving, or about to choke someone with the force?

Can't be totally sure - but that must stand for Mt. Eden High School.

Well, here's the introduction for the next guest...

Miss California 2009, Kristy Cavinder!

Corduroy Bear.

Rodreiguez HS letter carriers.

Sabre and rifle tossing.

Got it!

Flags too!

Drum major in a Mrs Claus style outfit, leading the Rodreiguez HS band.

They even decorated their instruments!

Little stuffed figure at the end of the clarinet.

Takes great dedication to wear a rudolph nose all day!

Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

To me strawberry shortcake is not a character...it's something to eat!

Strawberry Shortcake in the role of Gulliver.

Curious George. In the cartoon, somehow it's ok and normal for a monkey to run around unsupervised in an urban environment. In real life, monkeys and chimps are DANGEROUS animals, not to be trifled with!

The supersized gingerbread man.

Next up is Oak Grove marching band.

I think the little short instrument is a piccolo.

Another parade volunteer banner person.

Some KBLX Radio Personality person. Arrggghh!

Nikki Thomas and Joe McConnell, also from KBLX.

American High School band flags.

Doing a little dancing here.

Some kind of bass something... :-)


I think Olivia is some kind of pig character.

They sure put on some great smiles considering how cold it was!

It's the Pittsburg High School Pirates Marching show band.

Balloon handlers scrabbling about.

It's... I don't know. Some kind of blue dog!

Wells Fargo stagecoach. Hey, I want to renegotiate my loan! :-)

Introduction to the next guests...

Miss Oakland 2009 Sophia Andrade, and Miss Oakland outstanding teen Courtney Strysko.

Skyline High School Band, with most of the members facing the wrong way.

They just wanted to start their act out a bit differently!

Oh uh. What's that sign say?

Yes! It's the Oakland Raiderettes!

Darn the cold weather!! They're wearing jackets! AAAAARRRGGHH!

Oh the humanity!

I guess it's ok. It's a childrens parade afterall...

The Piedmont Highlanders Pipes and Drums.

The bagipes were used as an instrument of psychological warfare to instill terror in the opposition (back in the olden days). I can see how the savages would be scared by that bagpipes screeches!

Here's the Southwest airlines float. What's that about 'Bags Fly Free'? I always thought you had to pay for check in luggage. Maybe they're not talking about luggage! :-)

I'm sorry miss, you can't carry that candycane in your lap. You'd have to put it in the overhead luggage compartment or check it...

As the sign sez, it's the Jesse Bethel High School marching band.

I had to put my jacket back on by this time, so I can only guess how cold they were!

The flags put on a nice show.

The band had some sharp uniforms.

No sheet music. They had to memorize the songs.

Flag tossing.

Some really young color guards.

Miss Asian Californian 2009, Victoria Pham.

Snoopy Claus!

Lucy and Linus! Loved the old Peanuts cartoons. Products of a simpler time.

Members of the Falun Dafa band.

They certainly had distinctive uniforms.

Hayward High School cheerleaders.

Their rifles drill team.

Guess they're called the Farmers.

I'd bet those drums start to get heavy after a bit!

More banner folk.

Took me a while, but the sign spells out Fairfield.

They had an energetic drill routine.

Very Scottish style attire.

The Redcoats are coming!

Well actually, the Scarlet Brigade.

A huge inflatable toy soldier is the last of the balloons there.

Here are the dancing Christmas Trees.

Waving Hi to the crowd!

The very last float had the Elves on board...

Along with Mr and Mrs Claus, of course. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The sidewalks lining the parade routes got to be quite crowded. Good thing we got there early to stake out our spot!