BZ's Miramar MCAS Air Show 2009 Photo Gallery


Miramar Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in San Diego, CA puts on one of the BEST shows anywhere. Of course, they would say they put on THE best show in the country... but I wouldn't want to get drawn into that one! What I do know is that tons of people show up, and they all seem to have a great time.

This year's show was special in that both the Blue Angles and Canadian Snowbirds were performing here. In addition, on hand were the Patriots demonstration team, a F-16 demo and P-51 legacy flight, Golden Knights Army parachute team, Shockwave Jet powered truck, Harrier demo, and a host of civilian aerobatic acts.

Unique to the Miramar show is the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) demo. A combined arms display of helicopters, Jets, Transports, Tanks, LAVs, troops, plus simulated bombs and artillery explosions make for a awesome sight. The twilight show is also very special, with planes flying at dusk drawing patterns in the sky with pyrotechnics, a beautifully choreographed fireworks display, and the awesome Wall of Fire!

Perhaps even more fun than the air show were the static displays and booths. The Marines were enthusiastic, never tired of answering questions, and were proud to show off their equipment and gear. All in all, a most satisfying way to spend a weekend. If you live in San Diego (or anywhere close to there), and haven't been to the Miramar air show... do yourself a favor and GO!!

Nikon D300 w/ 70-300mm VR lens, D200 w/ 18-105mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

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Blue Angels
F-16 and Legacy
Fat Albert

Special thanks to the MCAS Miramar for allowing me the opportunity to get these great shots, and for being such gracious hosts!

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