BZ's 2007 Littlefield Tank part2

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This is part 2 of the Littlefield Tanks pictures. Part one can be found here. In case you were wondering what some of the other displays were at the Littlefield musuem, wonder no more! This is for the hard core armor fans out there. I'm vaguely familiar with some of the pieces, but don't know much about most of them; So you're on your own! In other words, not much in the way of captions for now... :-)
Nikon D50 w/ 18-55mm lens - Bernard Zee

Kettenkrad anyone? Featured in the movie Saving Private Ryan as 'rabbit'.

I honestly don't know if that little motocycle front wheel actually works all that well for steering. Won't it be easier to turn it using differential steering (like tanks)?

Had a little toy one of these as a kid. Loved it! Wish I had one in real life to drive around! Yes, I need the MG-42 to go with it!

Yes, I know this one is a Hetzer! (it even says so on the tag. :-)

Wheeled SCUD launcher. Presumeably the missile is no longer functional!

A PT-76 soviet light amphibious tank with a 76mm gun.

I believe this is a Stingray Light tank. Originally developed for the U.S. army's armoured gun system competition, it is currently in use by Thailand. I thought it was just a prototype!

This is a PSZH-IV APC.

The other SCUD launcher is tracked.

The massive IS-3 Joseph Stalin heavy tank. Not too many of these babies lying around! Developed by the Soviets toward the end of WWII, it was used by the Egyptian Army in the 6 Day war. Though tough to knock it, it had a poor engine, and slow rate of fire. They ended losing a bunch of them to the IDF.

The M18 Hellcat was a very fast WWII American tank destroyer which could hit a top speed of 60mph! It did well in battle, though the 76mm gun could not reliably penetrate frontal armor of German's Tiger and Panther tanks. A disadvantage was that it had very light armor, and with an open turret, offered little in the way of protection to the crew. Its high speed was put to good effect though in the Battle of the Bulge, where it out raced the enemy to seize the town of Noville. The Hellcats hit and run tactics confused and slow the German attack, which eventually stalled.

Soviet T-54.

Sexton Mk2 w/ a 25 pounder howitzer. Yeah, I can read the tag!

I believe this is a M20 Scout car - based on the M8 Greyhound, with the turret removed. Something I wouldn't mind driving on the road!

The British Comet tank was an excellent tank for its time.