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Seattle Seafair is best known for the Hydroplane races, Blue Angels, and partying on Lake Washington; just not necessarily in that order! The sheer number of people and boats that go into the water the Saturday and Sunday of the races are just mind boggling. This year, there was plenty of sunshine to accompany the bikinis, booze, water balloons, water sticks/super soakers, and sunscreen lotion. Makes me wish I was young again! :-)
Nikon D300 w/ 70-300mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

There's a itsy bitsy public beach on the Mercer Island side, where people can go swim and watch the Blues fly. Needless to say, it gets very crowded right before the show!

Due to the races and air show, there are a ton of boating restrictions that anyone venturing on to the lake need to be familiar with. Unfortunately for this happy bunch, they are about to be busted big time for breaking a few of them! Shortly after they passed us, they were pulled over by the police - and subsequently had their boat towed. Perhaps for having an overloaded boat, not enough life vests, and maybe for entering a restricted boating zone (they shut an entire portion of the lake down for the Blue's routine).

Everyone at the beach was told repeated not to venture past the docks during the restricted time period.

Busch Light?

Being on the water was a really cool way to enjoy the air show. I would do it if I wasn't trying to take pictures!

Shortly after the Blue's routine, it's like the vacum seal on the lake was broken, and an amazing number of boats poured in!

A water balloon catepault!

Taunting the shore based water balloon batteries.

All sorts of floating things in the water; From nice yatchs to inflatable kayaks.

Trip to the shore - Doggy needed a potty break.

Patriotic party goers

Anything that floats!

Boats outside the no wake zone can pour on the power.

However, the flight box and immediately surrounding areas were a no-wake zone, which was strictly enforced.

Outside the southern boundary of the flight box, boaters on the lake congregate to watch the Blues show and to wait for the zone restriction to be lifted.

The Pirate theme was quite prevalent at SeaFair. This raft's flag states 'Prepare to be Boarded'.

The Blues in their diamond formation line up over Sweard Park.

Fun times!

More pirates.

When the boating restriction over the Blues flight box was lifted, boats poured in from the North and South. Slowly, of course, as this was a no wake zone!

Lots of people swimming!


Water fights were a common thing on the Lake.

Premature detonation of a water balloon.

Enclaves of boats would get into a spirited water fight, hurling water balloons back and forth.

Water sticks were more or less a close in weapon.

No shortage of young people out there!

Jaws agape looking at some clothing optional exhibitionists on a different boat (no, I didn't post those shots!).

Look, look... there's still an air show going on. Really!

Thanks for sparing my Nikon from a soaking!

A Christmas gorilla?

A water balloon in each hand.

This is not even the log boom. It's just out in the lake!

It was quite the experience being out there.

Not content with water sticks, some people super sized it using a powered water canon!

Surprisingly, they received equal measures from a counter battery water canon, and justice was served to loud applause.

I have no idea.

After a few hours, it was time to call it quits and head back.

Some boats required a helping tow.

He still has one more balloon...

Good times, good times.

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