Las Vegas 2009 Motor Trend Car Show

Photo Gallery

We were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, which coincided with the Motor Trend International Car Show there. Instead of fighting with the crowds at the stores on Black Friday, we (well, mostly 'I') decided to go to the car show instead! Going in with high expectations (after all, everything in Vegas is big and extravagant right?), I must admit I was somewhat disappointed. I think the show is really geared more towards consumers interested in purchasing their next vehicle. As such, the bulk of the displays were factory models you can find in the local dealer's lot.

No concept vehicles, or flashy displays to speak of. The display area was relatively small as well. We were pretty much done in a couple of hours - and that's only because I was taking my time! I think the show I should have gone to was the SEMA show (I know, too bad!). At any rate, these are some of the more interesting pictures I got from the show.

Don't forget that I'm just a humble photographer - not some automotive guru! So forgive me if I don't know much about the custom or stock vehicles I photographed.
Nikon D300, SB-600, 18-105mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

The car show was in the Las Vegas Convention Center (south hall).

If you did the bare amount of research, you could get discounted tickets on line. Better yet, score some free tickets from some of the local stores (Sonic, Albertsons, 7-11). We shamelessly got in on the cheap!

This Toyota Venza is a modified SEMA concept vehicle.

Big wagon wheel rims, lowered, big speakers in the cargo area...

The ever exciting Prius. Which I can't believe I'm seriously contemplating for the next car purchase...

It's a toss up between being super practical (roomy, good gas mileage, boring) and the Miata!

Decisions, decisions! The Miata is such a fun car to drive. Yes, I did drive it once - at a Mazda zoom zoom event. Loved it!

The inside of the Miata.

Yes, there are lots of pictures of the Miata, but only because I like it!

On the I'd probably like it if it weren't so expensive side of things, is the Lexus ISF.

It's a monster of a car, but I can't see myself being able to afford it!

At least you could sit in most of the cars and get a feel for them. My kids loved the Lexus convertible.

It's a Lexus IS 250C (had to look it up).

I have no clue. It looks like any other sedan!

Here's the Accord version of the any other sedan. No flames, please!

Must be the MDX?

Here's something cool and retro. Well, fun to look at anyway!

Subaru's WRX STi. Great car to get your kids - if you want to have lots of tickets and sky high insurance rates!

I guess this is a common color scheme for Subaru, but I don't really like the gold color for the rims.

No problem, it's not like it was on my short list anyway!

Scion cars on a Costco style display.

On to the unobtainium cars! This is a beautiful red Maserati

With an interior like this, you better not be eating a hamburger while driving!

Nice clean lines.

Beautiful car!

Even higher up on the Wow factor, is this Ferrari.

Tag calls it a 430 Scuderia.

I call it pure awesomeness!

Ferraris are the supermodels of the car world. They turn heads everwhere they go!

It's no wonder then, that I'm having so many pictures of the same car here! It's just a super sexy car, and an engineering tour-de-force!

Those aren't regular rotors - they're carbon-ceramic cross drilled disc brakes!

The spokesmodel graciously allowed me to take a picture of her and the Scuderia.

Ah, the best shot of the show!

Also on the 'I can't possibly afford it' end of things, are the Rolls Royce automobiles.

I didn't even pretend to want to know what it's called!

One can only marvel at the opulence.

There were some sections set aside for classic cars. This is of course, the Mustang section.

My friend from High School could tell what year Mustang from the tail lights. I have to open the car door and look at the little tag to tell!

A bit of the ole drive-in nostalgia.

Paxton supercharger?

In a Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350. I only know this because that's what the sign sez!

More Mustang goodness.

This is the import tuners' section. Didn't know there was a market for sprucing up Scion XBs!

Lots of stickers must mean it goes really fast!

Hey, someone ran off with their wheels!

This is the Classic Corvette section.

This is the flashiest Corvette there!

Corvette doors don't usually open up that way...

Since it's so cool looking - there are more than a few shots of it!

Blinged out engine, and very clean inside and out!

This Corvette has a more retro feel to it.

Custom painted wolf and moon. Can't possibly be stock!

Now this is a real classic Vette. Mmmmm... '58 year model I presume? :-)

It's a beautifully maintained car.

The start of the Vette symbol.

Back end looks a bit like a Bettle front!

Someone commented on the ground clearance issue. The response was something about air bag shocks being able to raise it.

Another Maserati... but the light silver was too bland in the exhibit hall - which had Terrible lighting by the way. Many of these shots only look good because I had a flash to help it along.

Autobots, Transform!

Yes, it's BumbleBee! Which inexplicably couldn't talk again in the 2nd Transformers movie.

Actually, it's a Camaro SS - not a alien robot from outer space. Glad to see Chevy finally get the car into production.

Current model Vette.

In Blue.

Here's a AAA Prius trying its best to be like a Ford Pinto. Gas tank, collision,... get it?

The generic Accura again.

A generic Cadillac.

Ah! Something interesting and unusual!

It's got very pretty rims, and Brembo brakes...

It's a Hyundai transformed by Hennessey into the Carbon Coupe.

Here's the new model Mazdaspeed 3. It'll take a bit of getting used to. I prefer the old style better!

This is the Accord Crosstour.

Eh. Not my cup of tea.

Oh-oh. Back to these 2 again. MMmmmmm so nice!

One last round through the classic Mustangs.

Very patriotic 'stang here. Even has a stars and stripes horse logo.

Wow! Looks fast!

The very image of a muscle car.

The innards of the Roush Mustang.

A very purdy looking engine bay from another Mustang.

Nice classic Mustang, in beautiful show condition.

A Mustang version of the Ghost Rider?

On to the Low rider section.

Hydraulic suspensions, and itty bitty tires are the dress code here.

Also requires lots of chrome in the engine bay.

Not something I would personally do, but it is a work of art!

The Lotus owner's section was at the back of the place.

There was a great looking Delorean there. Didn't see a Flux capacitor circuit though.

A green Lotus Elise. It really needs a spokesmodel to complete the picture!

A generic Lexus Hybrid drive car. Come on, really? Someone driving a Lexus is going to worry about saving $500 in gas a year.

Hyundai brought out their Equus VS460. It didn't even sport the normal Hyundai logo!

People on the street will be going - what is that? An accord? Can't be, don't even recognize the logo! I know, I'm being a bit too harsh. I better catch up on my sleep!

Here's the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

MSRP of 31k, and the interior materials looks like it's from a car costing half as much.

But the impressive thing about the Fusion Hybrid is the ability to run the electric motors on battery power only up to 40mph. I'll probably need to test drive it sometime!

Looks like Hybirds are the wave of the future. Funny, couldn't find the Volt there...