BZ's SF Fleetweek 2008 Photo Gallery


Thanks to some unbelievable access, I came away with some special and really memorable shots of the 2008 San Francisco Fleet Week air show. I was there for the survey and practice flights Thursday and Friday, and also for the Saturday and Sunday shows. The good thing about that is I had lots of opportunities to get shots from various angles. The down side for me is more work as I had to sort through over 14 thousand pictures! Yes, I know it's a ridiculous amount - but with the camera's excellent burst mode, huge memory cards, and plenty of spare batteries - it was easy to accumulate shots!

Having waded through all those shots to sort the wheat from the chaff, I'm still left with an embarassingly large number of shots. From those, I selected what I believe to be best or most interesting shots and posted them here.

Knowing I have many more pictures than normal, I decided to break it up by subject matter to better present it. It's more work, but hey - you're worth it! :-)

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Aerobatic performances
Fat Albert!
Blue Angels
Boats on the Bay
Coast Guard demo and ships
V-22 Osprey & Airbus 320
Viper West F-16 demo & Legacy flight
Delta Linda & Delta Deanna
Fry's Patriot Demonstration team
Pelicans in Flight
Canadian Snowbirds
People shots
On the Bay with the Tern
Safety Zone Enforcers!

Special thanks to Stephen Teatro and LT Michael Nordhausen for allowing me the opportunity to get these great shots!

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