BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 - People shots

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This are just some misc people and crowd shots I got from the 3 days of Fleet week.
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

Blues ground crew looking out for the planes.

Using the mirror (as a reflector) as a point for reference for the Blues.

Crowds at Aquatic park.

Hi from the bay!

On the sailboat in the aquatic park for the air show.

Catching the show from a boat.

They got a nice elevated view.

From the gigantic California Hornblower.

Yeah, I'm sure it's just water in those cups. Not!

Flight deck area.

On the Liberty gun boat.

Relaxing on the O'Brien.

Hi there!

Pier 39 crowds - thinned out a bit after the air show.

I'm sure there's a method to signaling with the mirror - what with the outstretched hand and all. Can't really explain it myself though!

One of my favorite spots - the end of Fort Mason pier, can get really crowded!

Blues crew.

People on board Wacky Jacky.

It's the Patriots support group.

Stern of the Balclutha is another great spot. Crowded too.

Must get there early for a nice spot of grass at the Aquatic park area.

Waiting to go on the walkonwater hamster ball thing.

Some Marines looking for gas at the Marina Green.

There's a typo on the tips jar...

Bicycles are very green, and a great idea during Fleetweek. Driving really sucked since the roads were like parking lots after the show.

Playing dress up.

Of course he's a Marine!

SeaBees are like the construction crew for the military.


SFPD on their bicycles. Much cooler than Segways.

KSFO booth

Watching the floating ball things.

He's the Patriots Jet team announcer.

Grabbing a bite to eat.

On the municipal pier.

VIP transport!

#7 Blues narrator.

All smiles after a successful show.

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