BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 -- Marina Green

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These are mostly shots of the Marina Green area, where the main exhibition and show booths as well as reserved seating areas are. Have a few other shots from the outskirts of Aquatic park and Fort Mason thrown in as well.
Nikon D200 w/ 18-105mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

A souvenir booth setup on the left edge of Aquatic park.

What's an airshow without some good eating!

Did enjoy a Gyros at the end of the last show there there. Quite yummy!

Huffing and puffing, I climb the hill to get to the other side where Marina Green is.

By the Fort Mason piers, the USS Hornet Museum set up a cockpit where kids (and adults if they wish) can climb in for a picture. Gratis, I believe.

Over in the Marina Green area, was some new (for Fleet week anyway) activities for the kids - which judging from the long lines, were a big hit! This one is some kind of bungee trampoline jumping contraption - where they kids could go end over end, if they wanted to!

Also new, were these human hampster balls, which you could walk (or more likely, fall down) on water!

Looks like a lot of fun, and there was a long queue for it.

There were also various inflatable slides for kids to go on. Tickets required, of course.

Full sized kids can play too! I wanted to see someone actually stand up and walk in one of these, but it was mostly just flailing and rolling about while I was there.

Plenty of souvenir stands to pick up Blues momentos or patches or toys.

Then, there's the food. Hmmmmmm. Hungry.

Still early in the day, as it's not completely packed yet.

Box seating area.

Free grass area.

Panda hat - probably not for sale though.

It was a NICE day for a picnic and air show.

The Marines were really out in force this year. Most of the gear and personnel were from the USS Makin Island, which arrived a few days beforehand.

They were letting kids try on some of the gear for pictures. A distinct lack of guns though - as I believe their entire emphasis this go around was disaster preperation and how the Marines could help out in the event of a natural emergency.

They did demo some remote control bomb disposal robot, which was pretty cool tech.

Happy to talk to people on a wide range of topics.

They set up a portable kitchen - all part of the emergency prepardness and response theme. And no, only serving air soup for the day.

The Marine Sea Bees with their green construction tonka toys.

San Francisco Fire Dept showing off their command truck. As my friend Henry surmised, just a conference room inside. Yeah, but with satellite phones and stuff!

More fire fighting gear. I'm pictured upside down on the silver bell. Weird huh?

Someone - probably the Navy, is 'A Global Force for Good'. No pointy sticks for the SF crowd!

These guys didn't come on the Makin, as I remember the multimedia red truck from the Salinas air show!

A hot rod roadster on display.

The Air Guard had a simulator ride there. Of course, there was a line.

Various other companies had booths there as well.

A free section by the water, but you had to get there early to save a spot.

SFPD with dirt bikes in case they had to chase someone down on the grass! :-)

Smart cars. Tiny, smart cars.

My kids used to love those frozen lemonade things. Probably still do, but I don't buy it for them! :-)

The smart ones brought out folding chairs.

Crowd starting to pick up as we get closer to show time.

It's cool that you can just ride your bikes there, and then sit on the grass to enjoy the show. If I lived nearby, that's what I would do! The traffic afterwards is just brutal!

No chairs, no blanket, no problem. Grass was nice and dry that day.

Hot Talk 560 KSFO support the troops banner. Reserved for Sarah Palin? Not sure she was in town though. Maybe it's for later.

There was this other weird fenced area for alcohol consumption. It was really weird, like a jail. But you supposedly can't consume on park grounds outside it (and the box seating area). You were welcomed to bring your own beer, though they did sell it in there as well.

The box seating area.

The VIP tent area in the background.

The Flight line club is the more expensive, catered option.

Have to rush back to my preferred spot before the show starts!

Another souvenir vendor.

Great place for the family to spend an afternoon. Remember, get there early!

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