BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 -- CA ANG F-16s

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A pair of California Air National Guard F-16s did a flyby as part of Fleet Week 2010. It was a pretty quick thing. One pass going west, split up turning with afterburners then head back east.
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

For most people without super binoculars, the view of the F-16s look a little like this.

But if you're on the water, they do pass a lot closer...

The difference between the CA ANG F-16s and the ones that the demo teams fly is that the ANG planes have a combat load out on them! Here can be seen the extra fuel tanks, sidewinder, and sparrow missiles.

The F-16 is officially called the Fighting Falcon, but they're nicknamed Vipers.

The pair split up as the first one starts to turn.

On afterburner, the plane is pretty loud!

A nice going away shot.

Here's the 2nd plane racing to catch up.

Afterburner nicely highlighted by the blue skies as he flies really close overhead!

Yeah baby! LOUD!

Best view is definitely from the boat on this one!

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