BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 -- Boats on the Bay

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There were lots of boats on the bay during Fleetweek, and I took a bunch of pictures. This is just small sampling of the shots I have, which I thought were interesting. If you were on the Bay, or were looking for a specific boat, drop me a line and I'll see if I have a shot of it.
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

That's that Sea Princess cruise ship docked at SF.

Another shot of it.

Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol boats out to help with the safety zone.

Patricia Ann tug.

Alcatraz Clipper.

Marlin, is a Fish and Game boat.

A pair of Navy SeaArk patrol boats.

Before the air show started, some canoes paddling by the San Rafel police boat.

Deception sailboat

Oski, from the Blue and Gold Fleet.

One of the smallest boats out on the bay. A single person Ocean Kayak.

Bunch of boats. The one with the funny ears is supposed to be some kind of hybrid boat from Hornblower.

A staple at Fleetweek, Lovely Martha.

WPB-87343, it's the Tern!

A speeding 25 ft Defender class boat.

Parked close to show center, these sailboats got a great view. I also got a great view - of their masts!

Hanging about for the show.

Red and White Fleet - Harbor Princess.

Boats around the Gas House cove.

Personally, I would be climbing onto that top deck - but I think it's not allowed.

There's that restored District Harbor Tug USS Mazapeta (YTM-181).

Well, this shot looked better with the boats anyway.

SFPD Marine 1 boat. Exciting name that.

These 2 ladies got into trouble, as they paddled themselves right into the air show safety box!

Here's the Contra Costa County Sheriff boat going to get them after they were chased out by the Coast Guard.

They had to paddle back to a pier to get checked out by the Sheriff. They were soon back though, and they still got to watch the show. whew!

That's that Hornblower Hybrid ship. Its batteries can be charged by wind or solar panels, and can provide an hours' worth of silent cruising. It also has a diesel engine (for the real work). My guess is that the wind and solar only provide a small fraction of the power needed to run the ship. Marketing genius though.

The USCGC Pike.

Bay full of boats on the Blues final pass.

The Sea Bella is one outrageous yacht!

I don't mind these motor boats - no tall mast to get in the way!

Unwined - nice play on words.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous! :-)

The California Hornblower looks like it's about to run over that little boat. No worries, it cleared it (by thiiiis much!).

Tally HO.

I think they're trying to get the anchor up.

The Jeremiah O'Brien being tugged back to the pier.

Linda's boat, the Silver Charm.

USCGC Barracuda + others.

Silver Fox is another fishing charter boat out not fishing that day.

Close up of the Blue and Gold Fleet boat Oski.

Wind was blowing hard that day, and the sailboat is cranked way over. Water almost over the deck on the port side. That's the fireboat Phoenix behind.

Family in a rigid hull inflatable.

Lovely Martha again (different day).

Blues overhead of the Maximus II - another huge yacht.

A bit of a choppy waters with the O'Brien.

The Liberty is waiting its turn to dock at the pier.

Jeremiah O'Brien being tugged (again).

Old and new sailing vessels.

That's the 65-foot Square Topsail Ketch, Hawaiian Chieftain. It's a replica of an early 19th century trading vessel.

All these boats make a rush back home after the show.

The visiting Naval ships USS Pinckney, and USS Curts.

The Sea Princess is like the empire state building turned on its side!

Bicycle and sailboat. Very green.

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