BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 - Blues (Sunday)

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Conditions for the Sunday Blues performance couldn't have been better! But it didn't start out that way... Heavy fog by the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning and early afternoon threatened to derail the show. But thankfully, it all cleared up by 3pm! Blue skies, just the right mix of humidity - couldn't ask for better!
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

The Blues' videographer (they videotape every performance for analysis and critique) and the human ground reference (signaling with the mirror), as the Blues prepare to start the show!

The opening move is to fly towards the city over Angel Island, where the 2 solos fall behind and break from the main diamond.

Diamond 360 shots are common, so I'd like to add a bit of sail mast rigging to mix it up!

At certain angles, the sun lights them up very nicely!

I was having terrible luck catching the crosses this year. At least I got one here... even though it's only an average looking shot. :-)

Looks like the Diamond Aileron Roll.

A far away Fortus.

The lead solo setting up for the minimum radius turn in front of Marina Green.

Personally, I think it was more spectacular when he went around Alcatraz...but that's just me.

For this turn is a lot tighter and doesn't carry as much speed. So when he pulls up, he's not going very fast anymore.

The dreaded Double Farvel. Had a super tight shot when I was on the boat and they directly overflew us. Whew! What a sight and sound!

More of those sail masts getting in on the GGB bridge shot.

The Opposing minimum radius turn starts by having the solos fly out towards Angel Island from behind the City.

I wonder if I can get permission to climb up the Balcutha's mast and shoot from there! Would be a cool angle... Naw! :-)

Oh yeah, the Echelon Parade with Alcatraz. No where else but San Francisco, Baby!

You know what this means...

Stop looking at the Left Echelon Roll! Look to the left for...


I love it, love it, love it!!
Here he is rocketing by show center, between the Alameda County Sheriff's gun boat and the SFPD patrol boat. Very pleased with the shot!
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The planes fly from behind the city again to start the Vertical Break.

It's so cool to see the throngs of boaters on the Bay!

Here they are at the Opposing Pitch up. Just about the only other time I caught a cross well that weekend!

Nice speed and vapor on the pitch up!

Here's another cross - can't complain too much. At least I see 2 planes!

Another tight turn with vaps.

I think it's called the Barrel Roll Break.

The show's slowest maneuver - the Section High Alpha Pass.

A low flying jet passing scores of boaters.

Coming from behind again.

Where they do the Low Break Cross.

Nice views from the Rock - but they're a bit far from the action; especially this year.

Some of those high-rise corner condo balconies have a really unique angle on the show. Would love to shoot from there one of these days!

Inverted Tuck over roll.

A nicely lit Delta Roll.

The Blues cover a lot of sky - so most of the time, they're looking a bit small!

Start of the Fleu de Lis

Solos Pass to Rejoin

Start of the Loop Break Cross (Delta Break)

Here they are, crossing back at show center after each doing a half Cuban 8 at the far ends.

They did something new this year, which was to shift the Delta Breakout over Alcatraz. Well, I certainly think it's makes an impressive picture!

After they join back up, it's the final Delta pass - and the signature Golden Gate Bridge shot + sail boat masts!

More masts. Sigh. Just part of photographing Fleetweek!

A closer view of the departing Blues.

Oh yeah, our friends on the Potomac are in great position to catch the last portion of the show! That's it for this year!

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