BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 - Blues (Saturday)

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Took in the Saturday Fleet Week air show on board the USCGC Sockeye on the western edge of the air safety zone Saturday. It's a bit far removed from show center, but I did get some unique shots not possible from the other vantage points!
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

Blues opening move.

One of the solos crossing over downtown SF.

Diamond formation and the scenic SF skyline.

Blues with the Berkeley Hills behind them.

The #5 Solo plane sharing the frame with the Golden Gate Bridge tower.

A closer view of the same.

Really close shot as he loudly overflies our boat!

A head-on view of the diamond.

A sparkly pair.

Start of the dirty loop.

They're so close I can't zoom out enough to frame them all!

A bit of afterburner action to keep the speed up.

The #5 solo chasing coming in after the diamond, for the minimum radius turn.

The middle 2 are upside down on this pass in this 'Double Farvel' pass.

As they come overhead, I zoomed in instead of out! (darn that Sigma, whose zoom control is reverse of the Nikon lenses).

On the other hand, being very zoomed in can be a cool shot!

Definitely a different perspective.

The #6 plane starting one of the opposing pass maneuvers.

And this is of course, THE SNEAK PASS coming right at me! He's already going fast enough to have interesting vapor formations off his wings and fuselage and about to rocket past us setting up for the high speed run!
For a more detailed look at this year's sneak passes - click on the Sneak Pass page.

After the #5 solo crosses the center buoy, the #6 solo screams over Marina Green to form the 2nd part of the Sneak pass.

Here, you can see everyone on their feet (even though I'm pretty sure I read a sign for the box seat area that said they need to remain seated)! This year, the Blues repositioned parts of their routine to take into account the revised air show 'center', which is at Marina Green. This did this at least for the Sneak pass and Minimum radius turn. Much of their routine however, is still centered around the air show box center ship - which is beside Aquatic park.

Some more head-on type shots of the lead solos.

This of the opposing solo.

View of the Opposing Pitch up from the end of the box.

Pulling some nice vapor on this high G turn.

Alcatraz looks quite crowded as well! Unfortunately, they did not get to experience the thrill of the minimum radius turn this year circling the island, as that was moved further west in front of Marina Green instead.

Lead Solo turning with Angel Island as a background.

More overhead passes! Should have used ear plugs!

Nice AB and vapor trail.

The Blues in their diamond, Bay Bridge, USS Potomac, and the Balclutha.

Adding a bit of patriotic color.

Cool angle on the Solos Pass to Rejoin.

The planes really sparkle when the sun hits just right!

Big picture.

Another look at the Rock.

Another very close pass coming up!

The coming together part of the Loop Break Cross, could almost reach up and touch it!

The next to last move - Delta Breakout.

Final pass, here with Coit tower, Aquatic Park, and Fort Mason piers.

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