BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 -- Blues (Friday)

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Even though it's called a practice rehersal - practically speaking, Friday was a full show day. The upside is that it's another opportunity to get that special shot, or try out a different location for that really different look! The really great thing about Friday, is that there are less people and boats to contend with. Of course, with over a million and a half people watching, with several thousand cameras going full blast (of which, at least a few hundred have nice equipment and know how to use it), it's a challenge to come up with something not seen at least a dozen times before! But have no fear, I try not to dwell on such thoughts. :-)
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

Friday was a really beautiful day as well. Clear skies, but a little cool. Here are the Blues with their openning move.

When the solos fly overhead, had to pick the right or left one to track. This is left one. I think I'll try the right one next year!

The diamond 360 gives you lots of time and opportunity to get a nice shot.

There's supposed to be another plane in there somewhere - but my timing just wasn't there!

A nice mirrored Fortus.

I was initially confused about this, as the minimum radius turn has traditionally been done around Alcatraz. But they shifted it this year much further left - to in front of the Marina Green.

Like that Double Farvel.

Even on Friday, there are sailboats (in the way!).

Echelon Parade

Start of the Left Echelon Roll - which I only watched a bit of. Because...

I'm really looking for the SNEAK PASS! So happy to have gotten some good shots. Now I can relax for the rest of the show!

Coming in from behind the city...

The 4 planes reform into a diamond.

Then pull up into the Vertical Break.

Just a little bit off all day. sigh.

Pulling some nice Gs in the turn.

The Diamond flying a loop.

See that #7 plane in the slot? Lucky, lucky, lucky ******* in the passenger seat!

Looks like a Barrel roll break.

The Blues ground crew watching as the 2 solos set up for their Section high alpha pass.

Love that exhaust trail coming off the lead solo plane.

Turning before the GGB.

Coming from behind the city, the planes cross as they reach show center.

That's the mast of the USS Potomac sharing the shot with the #1 Blues plane. Hey, I'm getting pretty good at calling the ships just by their bits and pieces that end up in the picture!

Here they are crossing back at show center - which I have too much zoom to fit them all in.

The classic Blues diamond shot.

I like this cause of the sparkly!

Start of the Loop Break Cross.

They end up going in 6 different directions.

Reforming on the other side of the Rock...

For the Delta Breakout. Thank you Red & White Fleet boat. Would have been great if I was 20 ft taller! So, even though there are 'less' boats on the water - there are still fun times to be had!

Since they actually land at SFO, their final Delta Pitch up break to land is not seen at Fleetweek. That is, unless you go to SFO! Instead, they form up into the Delta for one last picture perfect pass.

The Blues always run a tight show!

Everyone is still straining to keep them in sight - even though they are miles away!

Last look with the Coit tower before they disappear.

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