BZ's SF Fleetweek '10 -- Aerobatic acts

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There were 3 different aerobatic acts at this years' Fleetweek air show: Tim Weber in the Geico plane, John Klatt in the Air National Guard, and Sean D. Tucker in the Oracle plane. They are world class aerobatic pilots, and put their own unique 'spin' to each of their routines.
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

At the top of the batting order is Tim Weber, who flies the Geico Extra 300.

The Extra 300S is a mid wing composite aerobatic aircraft with a 350+ horsepower engine. It has a roll rate in excess of 420 degrees per second. That's more than enough to make me throw up!

Though their stage is not as huge as the jets, they do tend to cover much of the air show box, which means they look kindof small most of the time!

Shooting from the boat, I get some more interesting background shots. The people on the cruise ship get a bonus air show thrown in!

Here's Tim pulling up after passing Pier39 area.

A shot of Tim and the Extra 300 passing Alcatraz.

The next aerobatic performer was Joh Klatt in the Air National Guard S-300D - here falling from the sky in a flat spin with smoke on.

Here's John's plane flying past the Marina Green show area.

John zipping by the Aquatic park area, and Fort Mason piers. That nice looking boat is the USS Potomac - which used to be FDR's floating White House!

SF downtown makes a nice backdrop in this shot.

There's really only just one John here. It's a sequence of shots I pasted together in photoshop. I was inspired by a similar multiple-composite shot of a basketball player going up for a dunk.
Just having some fun!

Another shot of John in a speedy low pass.

Pulling up soon after passing Sunrise.

John + GGB + sailboat mast + Giants flag. The SF Giants baseball team by the way, was in the playoffs - hence there was a lot of Giants love out there!

Reminiscent of the Sneak pass, but not so sneaky, and no so fast!

Sean D. Tucker and the Oracle Challenger III needs no introduction!

Sean's a wild man whos flying routine leaves even the uninitated shaking their heads in disbelief!

That little red biplane gets to roll, cartwheel, spin, and fly sideways, upside down, and corkscrew all over the show box.

The smoke trails give a hint of what Sean's routine looked like.

Wonderfully clear conditions that day, as we could see YBI in the back here.

Passing by the Balcultha with the Bay Bridge and Oakland in the background.

Here's a requisite Golden Gate Bridge shot!

I have no words to describe what he was doing here. The plane was like cartwheeling and flipping end over end. Just incredible!

Here's Seans' turn at the high speed run.

One last pass!

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