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Hey, hey, hey! It's FAAAAAT ALBERT!
Of course, only 'older' kids are familiar with that introduction - which is from the 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids' animated TV series which ran in the 70's and early 80's.
Fat Albert is also the nickname given to the C-130 Hercules transport used by the Blue Angels for logistics, spare parts, and personnel transport. Fat Albert has a starring role too, and warms up the crowd with a solo performance just before the main show!
These pictures are from 3 seperate days - shot from a boat as well as from the municipal pier.
Nikon D300 w/ 150-500mm Sigma OS lens - Bernard Zee

Just before 3pm, Fat Albert can be seen in a holding pattern circling past San Francisco downtown. Notice people lining the streets, the pier, and the rooftops!

Right on time, the Blues C-130 overflies the downtown area past Aquatic Park to start the show!

Flying right overhead!

The Blues ground crew and narrator (in the background) can be seen on the municipal pier.

Coming around for the gear down pass.

Got a small window to get the shot of Fat Albert with the Golden Gate Bridge before the California Hornblower completely blocked me. :-)

A bit of greenery and hills from the North side of the GGB.

On the USCGC Sockeye, I get a nice close view of the pass. Of course, I guessed wrongly which side he'd pass us on...hence this 'shot includes some of the ships' mast! No where else but Fleetweek, baby!

Circling back from the East, the C-130 is framed by the Bay Bridge.

Facing west provides the best lighting to highlight the prop tips.

Note the little R2D2-like observation bubble on top of the C-130. Should have tried for a closeup of the guy in it!

Banking around for his high speed, low pass - throngs of people lining the Golden Gate Bridge and the various tour boats can be seen.

He's going pretty fast here - or about as fast as you can in a C-130!

Beautiful lighting that day for this signature SF shot.

Another shot of the ground crew looking on after the pass.

Here's another look at the high speed pass from Sunday.

He's going fast enough to generate vapor on his upper wing surfaces! Too cool!

Pulling up at the end of the pass with the Berkeley Hills in the back.

The final pass is a head on shot towards show center and the City.

From the Boat, we see him passing to the west side of Alcatraz.

With a relatively slow shutter speed, I get the nice full disc prop blur as he starts to pull up!

Some of the larger Bay tour ships and parts of Emeryville in the shot as Fat Albert climbs for altitude.

Happy, happy, prop blur!

As he levels off and heads out, that's all folks!

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