(some) Birds in Flight, Gallery 5

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It's been a while since I've been out photographing birds, so it was a lot of fun when I happened upon a resting flock not too far from the shoreline.
The most active birds at that time were the American Avocets. But pictured are also the Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Marbled Godwit, the occasional Willet, and what I believe were Sparrow. I don't claim to know anything about birds...but I do have a National Geographic Field Guide to California birds (Wife got it for me as a present)!
Nikon D300 w/70-300mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

The Great Egret is a mighty patient hunter.

I've seen them spear rodents, frogs, and fish with that formidible beak!

The very picture of sleeping with one eye open!

Avocets are fast little things that can turn on a dime.

Happened to be in a great spot to catch their landings.

The camera's autofocus got a nice workout.

A Godwit walking in the water.

An incoming flight of Avocets.

Bleeding off speed right before touchdown.

A pair making a sharp turn for landing.

Great day for Avocets pics!

Another pair heading in.

Landing profile.

There were some ducks there too, but they didn't do much flying while I was there.

A Godwit among the Willets.

Resting in the water.

A short flight.

A pair of graceful fliers.

The mighty hunter and his apprentice.

Though different species, one looks like a supersized version of the other.

A pair of White Crowned Sparrows. Maybe :-)

I'm sure someone would correct me if I made an egregious mistake!